The Drawing Toolbar

The drawing toolbar contains tools for creating drawing objects.

Drawings can only be overlaid on a static movie image i.e. a movie which is paused. If the movie is playing and the drawling toolbar is opened, the movie will pause. If the movie is playing and any item in the toolbar is selected, the movie will pause.

The drawings will be permanently erased as soon as the movie play button is tapped or if the image is replaced by another movie angle view or if the Trashcan icon is tapped.

The drawing objects created :

  • Can only exist on the movie which is loaded.
  • By default they will be coloured as displayed on the tool icon.
  • May have their visibility and/or appearance manipulated by tapping the drawing tool again once it is selected and editing the object appearance in accordance with the options presented. See below for an explanation of these functions.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 3.05.28 pm    Select the tool you wish to use by tapping it once. The tool selected will be lit with a blue background border.

To activate the tool tap and drag on the movie zone. A tool is “locked” as active until another tool is selected.


To change the properties from the default, tap the selected tool again to open the drawing object edit panel.


Tap the Line Endings images to choose from the selection for left or right ends.





Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 3.19.00 pm

Choose your object fill by colour, image or gradient.


Choose your object stroke by colour and stroke width.




A drawing cannot be edited once it is has been created. You can only erase that drawing by tapping the Undo icon, (you may undo back to when you activated this set of drawing actions), or tap the Trashcan icon or select the Play button. But be aware that tapping the Trashcan icon or the Play button will erase ALL drawings that exist on the image.


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