Sportstec Player employs the following gestures: single tap, swipe (left & right and up & down) and resize. Each of these gestures performs a particular action.

Single Tap

The single tap gesture is what you use to select buttons. It is performed by tapping an object once with your finger before you release it.

The single tap gesture is used in all 3 Sportstec Player screens.

One Finger Swipe

The one finger swipe gesture begins by placing your finger on the target object, the finger slides to the left or to the right or up or down and then is released.

Use the swipe gesture in the Movie Viewer to scroll through view angles or to scroll through movie events.

Resize or Pinch

The resize or pinch gesture is performed with two fingers touching the screen when at least one of them slides.

Use this gesture to zoom the screen in the Report View. The zoom will follow the fingers.

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