Transfer via the Command Centre

There are two ways to transfer Code Report files to a device using the Command Centre. Multiple files may be selected for transfer.

Select the Sportstec Player device you wish to transfer the report to in the devices section. Then either :

  1. Drag the Code Report file(s) you wish to transfer from your documents file list or from the Desktop and drop in the Command Centre panel on the right of the window. A progress bar will display the progress of the transfer.
  2. Click the “Upload file to device” button. Follow the prompts to navigate to the file(s) you wish to transfer. A progress bar will display the progress of the transfer.

The progress bar provides a graphic display of the upload progress. Click the information button in the progress display to display accurate upload information.

Note: To send multiple .codereport files, you may multi-select all the files and drag and drop into the files panel or multiselect all the files and click “Upload”.

If the transfer is interrupted or broken, (either by the Sportstec Player device closing the app or by disconnecting from the network) the next time the Command Centre connects to the device it will detect that a incomplete transfer exists and it will automatically attempt to continue the transfer.

Command Centre will accomodate uploading files to multiple devices at the same time , but each transfer must be initiated one at a time.

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