Working in the Command Centre

After the device has been successfully activated, the Activation tab view will contain information about the used for the device.

The panel on the right of the Mobile mode window will display all the files stored on the active mobile device selected in the left hand panel. See the illustration below. These file lists will be empty if you have just activated your new iCODA application. They will contain all output files created once coding sessions have finished on the device. The output files can be downloaded to CODA and may be deleted from the device.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 11.33.02 am


The file list in the Documents Panel contains CODA documents stored in the device. You can download and delete files from the device and upload new documents onto the device.

Download Files from a Device

  • Select one or more files in the list. (Use the Shift or Command button for multiple selection.)
  • Click the Download button from the panel at the base of the window and specify the destination folder. Alternatively you can drag-and-drop the files onto the desktop or to any folder in Finder.

To remove files from the device

  • Select files.
  • Click the Delete button from the panel at the base of the window.

Upload Forms to a Device.

Click the Upload button on the panel at the base of the window. Select the files from your file source and press “Open” . Alternatively you can drag-and-drop files from your Documents file list to the Command Centre panel.




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