Building a CODA Form

When you open CODA from the Dock or from the Application Icon on the Desktop the CODA Window will open. This window will be blank if you have not selected to “Show Document Startup Dialog” from the “Preferences” sub-menu in “CODA ” on the Main Menu bar. If this box has been “checked” then you will see the following Startup Window on your screen.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 9.53.22 am

OR :
To open a new CODA Window at any time, go to “FILE” then select “New Form”.

A Window becomes a Form when you start placing coding objects in it.

To open a CODA Form that has been saved, go to “FILE” then select “Open Form” and select the CODA Form file address and the file name from the system menu. Alternatively, if the CODA Form is one which has recently been open, select “FILE” then “Open Recent”. A drop down menu will display a list of recently worked on CODA Forms, select the CODA Form you are seeking.

You may wish to clear the “Open Recent ” selection if you have deleted draft CODA Forms. To do this, select the “Clear Menu” option.

If you are building a CODA Form with the intention that it may be used with an iPhone or iPad, in either portrait or landscape format, you may have the bounds of the screen real estate for these options displayed on your form as a reference. Select your Show/Hide options from the “VIEW” dropdown in the Main Menu.



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