Exporting Coded Data

Interpreting CODA Event Log Data

CODA is designed to be used in conjunction with the SportsCodeTM / StudiocodeTM Analysis products. For details of how to import the CODA Event Log into these products and for information on how to manipulate the resultant data please refer to the relevant SportsCodeTM / StudiocodeTM User Manual.

The data captured by CODA may be saved in either of the following formats:

– XML document Saved and exported XML documents are represented by this icon :

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 2.56.55 pm

– CSV Comma Separated Values. Saved and exported CSV documents are represented by this icon :

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 2.57.08 pm
– Sportstec / SportsCode Timeline. Saved and exported Timeline documents are represented by this icon :

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 1.57.56 pm


Manipulating CODA Event Log data saved in XML format

The SportsCodeTM / StudiocodeTM applications will only accept import data in .xml format. Refer to the relevant User Manual(s) for instructions.

Data captured in CODA and exported in .xml format is termed an “XML Edit List.” When this Edit List is imported into either SportsCode or Studiocode it will be linked and synchronised to video of the performance coded and the coded information will be in a timeline. The information coded by Event Buttons will be depicted as a Code Row in the timeline, (which will create movie instances,) and all Popup Tag and Tag information will be depicted as labels for each instance. The information may be displayed as a Code Matrix and will be available for analysis in the same way as information coded directly by the SportsCode or Studiocode software.

NOTE: Data imported from CODA can not be displayed in color in a SportsCode or Studiocode Code Matrix.

Manipulating CODA Event Log data saved in CSV format

Double click on the .csv file on the Desktop or open it from where it has been saved to. The .csv will open in Excel format. It will be tabulated in columns in event order. The data will now be available to be sorted by column and in whatever order you choose to provide you with specific activity information that will assist you in reviewing performance.

Email a Coda Form

A form created in CODA may be emailed to an iCODA device.

A form must be saved before it can be mailed.

To add the form as an attachment to an email, click on the CODA icon at
the top of the form and drag it to the body of the email (or to the email icon in your dock) and drop it. The recipient of the email will require iCODA or CODA to open it.

Email a Timeline

You must have an active email account setup as a pre-requisite of this function.

To email a Timeline, attach the file to the email and send it to the email address that you would like to send it to.  Attaching and sending a timeline is the same as emailing any other attachment.

When your Timeline is imported by Sportstec Gamebreaker (STGB), Popup Tag and Tag information will not be available in the STGB Timeline.



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