Connecting to a Server

To connect to a server which you have not previously connected to, (either within 
your LAN or externally), or if this is the first time you are connecting to any CODA
Server, click the “Other Server” button at the bottom left of the sheet illustrated
 on the previous page. You will be presented with the following sheet to provide the Name, IP Address and Port details of the external Server or new Server you wish to connect to.

These details should be provided to you by whoever has established the Server. If any details are incorrect you will get a “Connection Failed” message.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 9.13.07 am

Once you have established a Server connection either by selecting and clicking on the Server name from the Server list or by connecting to a new Server, select the Session (by Session Name displayed,) or you may create a new Session.



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