The CODA Server

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The CODA Server is a feature that allows any number of CODA and/or iCODA applications to participate in a synchronized coding session simultaneously and live via the internet. The basic premise of this feature is that there must be a common receptacle for the coded information. The Coda Server must be established through the CODA Command Centre to perform this task.

NOTE: By implication, online coding with CODA linked to SportsCode or Studiocode is a remote application. IT consultation will be a must if you intend to use any IP address or Port which differs from those which will appear as default settings. This may require a high level of network experience and may be a very involved setup. Please contact your IT consultant or Sportstec for more information or assistance.

Coding via a CODA Server will be available to any CODA and/or iCODA application. ie. It is not restricted to licenses or iCODA activations linked to the CODA Command Centre which has established the CODA Server.

A CODA Server has the capacity to execute multiple coding sessions at the same time from any number of CODA and/or iCODA applications. In the Command Centre which has “hosted” the active CODA Server, the number of active sessions are displayed as well as the participants to each session who are currently connected or who have been connected and are now disconnected. The number of events coded for each participant is also recorded.




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