Establishing a CODA Server

Select the “Server” Mode on the left of the Command Centre Toolbar. Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 12.18.57 pm


Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 12.19.49 pm

In the panel at the top of the screen, specify a name for the Server.

The IP address for the server computer specified is a default. If you need to allow access to another device from outside the LAN to send data to or to pull data from, it will be particularly important that you specify a Public IP address. We strongly recommend you consult with your IT Manager.

By default, Port 8080 is specified. If that port is in use, you will get an error message
“ The port for this IP address is already in use” You will be required to either stop the service which is using that port, or select another port.

The “Sessions Root Folder” is the file path for the root folder of where the system will store the coding session timelines. CODA will specify a default file path culminating in the file named “Coda Sessions” . By default, this folder location is shared. Ensure that the “File Sharing” box in your System Preferences is checked (turned on).

Slide the switch to ON to activate the CODA Server.

If you change the folder location to another path, folder sharing should be turned on for the Folder location chosen, so other computers in your network can access the coding session timelines.

  1. In Finder, navigate to the chosen sessions root folder
  2. Right Click on the folder
  3. Select “Get Info”
  4. Check the “Shared Folder” box
  5. Select either “Read & write” or “Read Only”
  6. Click on “Start Server

Once the CODA Server is running, (the Status field will display “Running”) the above fields cannot be edited.

If there are no sessions active, the server may be stopped by clicking the “Stop Server” button. If there is a session active and you attempt to stop the Server, you will receive the following message: “Close all sessions and STOP CODA Server” The “Stop Server Now” button will force all sessions to close and the server will become inactive. All connected devices will show that the session has been disconnected. That device will not be able to reconnect because there will no longer be a server to connect to. All data captured by the server to that point will be preserved. The session may also be closed by the server at any time by pressing the “Close Session Now” button.



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