Network Coding is a feature that allows any number of CODA and/or iCODA applications to participate in a synchronized coding session simultaneously and live via the internet. The CODA XML data file which is created from the multiple coding inputs is available to be pulled into SportsCode or Studiocode in real time.

With Network Coding you will “share” a common Timeline in a Coding Session that is hosted on a CODA Server so that multiple coders can input coding of an Event simultaneously. You will be using the Coding Form through which you accessed the Network facility, so be very sure that you have selected the correct form relevant for the Coding Session.

You will be required to be connected to a CODA Server to participate in a Network Coding Session. Refer to the CODA Server section of this Manual for a description of the CODA Server setup.

Slide the “Network” switch in the Code Mode toolbar to the right (ON). A sheet will display. In the upper panel of the sheet, the names of the servers in your LAN only which are available to you. The names of the servers which are not available in your LAN which you have previously connected to using the “Other Server” button will be displayed in the lower panel.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 3.56.49 pm

If this is the first time you have logged into a CODA server the above sheet will be blank.

The image above illustrates that the window will have a “greyed out” appearance until the Network Coding session has been started.




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