Session Timer and Synchronization

Once a session has been started, all the session participants, (including the Session Owner), become equal participants as far as the CODA server is concerned. In the toolbar of a participants coding screen a Coding Timer displays the server time elapsed since the session was started. All participants will display the time elapsed since the start of the session irrespective of when they joined the session. This ensures that the coding from all participants is synchronized with a common timeline.

NOTE: It is conceivable that an event could be coded live from devices located in varying time zones. In such an instance, CODA uses UTC as a reference time. (UTC is Coordinated Universal Time which replaced Greenwich Mean Time {GMT} as the world standard time. For CODA purposes, UTC and GMT may be considered as being the same). For synchronization purposes, the CODA server is concerned only with time synchronization between itself and all the session participants. If there is to be any third party application pulling the timeline data from the CODA server they must ensure that these computers are also synchronized with their network time.




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