The Container

The Container is a device which functions in a “popup” manner and which contains coding objects. The primary function of the Container is for organizing the coding form to allow complex code forms to exist within limited screen real estate. There may be containers within containers. A container will act as a separate coding form.

Click this link to see a short demo on how the containers can work.

Click on the Container icon in the toolbar to create a Container in a coding form. By default a new container which contains no coding form objects will be in its expanded state. Use the circular symbol to collapse or expand the Container. A container when selected (highlighted) will be backlit with a purple hue. The container will resize itself to accomodate the coding objects within it.

A Container will be activated (expanded) or deactivated (collapsed) by links from an Event, Popup Tag or Tag button. Be mindful that if a Container is selected, any objects created will be placed inside this container.




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