Creating and Specifying a Popup Tag

A Popup Tag cannot be created unless an Event is selected which the Popup Tag will be attached to. Select the Event you wish to attribute a Popup Tag to by clicking on it and then click on the “POPUP TAG” icon on the Toolbar. A Popup Tag will open in the CODA Form within a Popup Tag Mat which surrounds the Popup Tag(s) and the Event it is attached to. An alternative method is to select the Event , Control Click and select “Add Popup Tag” or select the Event and right click and select “Add Popup Tag

You should now name the Popup Tag to further describe an aspect of the Event by selecting the “INSPECTOR” icon from the Toolbar. An abbreviated Inspector window will drop down. Name the Popup Tag with the description you wish to attribute to the Event and all other CODA Form properties such as button color, shape and border you want displayed and any Hot Key option you may wish to specify.

A Popup Tag will be depicted as a label in the movie instance created by the Event button it is attached to when the data is exported into either SportsCode or Studiocode.

The illustration below shows 3 Popup Tags created to describe the Event.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 10.12.57 am


The Event signifies a Banana being selected from the grading conveyor belt and the Popup Tags as further possible descriptions of the Banana selection.



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