Exclusive Link Clusters

A Link which is “Exclusive” between a grouping of buttons will occur when you know that two or more separate events cannot occur at the same time. This is a useful tool where multiple Event buttons which perform essentially the same marking function on the Event Log, (but which will be mutually exclusive,) can be grouped together to ensure that when one of those grouped buttons is active, no other button in that group can be active.

An example of this would be if a Basketball Court were to be divided up into 8 Zones and
the Basketball game was being coded so that play in each Zone was being tracked, then at 
any instance in the game, play can only occur in one Zone. If Zones 1 – 8 were grouped in an Exclusive Link, then when one Zone button is activated on the Event Log all other Zone buttons could be de-activated. This would halve the number of button clicks which would be necessary to code the activity.

To set up an Exclusive Link Cluster you must first identify which Event buttons in the CODA Form will qualify as having mutually exclusive properties. Next click on one of the buttons and then click on the “INSPECTOR” Icon. Hold down the “Command “ Key and click on each of the other Event buttons selected as part of the Exclusive Link Cluster. Name the cluster in the text box provided in the Inspector window.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.05.07 am

To identify which buttons in the CODA Form are members of an “Exclusive Link Cluster”, click and hold on an Event button. If that button is a member of an “Exclusive Link Cluster” it will be backlit by a rose colored hue and every other Event button which is a member of that cluster grouping will also be backlit.

A button can only be assigned to one Exclusive Link Cluster.

A further function restricted to members of an Exclusive Link Cluster is the ability to pass the last Event code as a Tag ie. if an Event button is activated while another member of the Exclusive Link Cluster is still active, the new Event will be activated and marked with the last Event as a Tag and the last Event will be deactivated.

To enable this function, select the “Pass Last Code as Tag” box for the Exclusive Link Cluster.




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