Putting the Links Together

In the example we have been using to illustrate creating components of our CODA Form, the rules of the activity are that only 1 piece of fruit may be selected at a time; if the piece of fruit is unripe it must be replaced on the conveyor belt and another piece of fruit selected; if it is over ripe it must be discarded and another piece of fruit selected.

In our example now illustrated below we have created 12 links to substantially automate the rules process described above and we show you the “on activation” links from the Tag button “Replaced”.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 3.34.55 pm

The 3 Event buttons should be placed in an Exclusive Link Cluster because only one of them can be active at any point in time.

An “On-activation Link” (with a green arrow) has been created from each of the “Unripe” Popup Tag buttons to the“Replaced” Tag button. An“on activation Link”has also been created from the “Over Ripe” Popup Tag buttons to the “Discarded” Tag button 6 Links in total.

An “On-activation Link” has been created from the “Replaced “Tag button to each of the Event buttons with the target button instruction to “Tag and Deactivate”. Similar links have been created from the “Discarded” Tag button to each of the Event buttons 6 Links in total.

When the activity in this example is being coded, the coding operator observing the activity would click on the Event that represents what has happened, (say … a Banana has been selected) and then observed that the banana was over ripe, ( then clicked on the “Over Ripe” Popup Tag within the Popup Tag Mat.)

The Exclusive Link Cluster which links the 3 Event buttons will prevent any of the buttons associated with Peach and Pineapple from being activated until Banana becomes deactivated.

The “On-activation” link which exists between the “Over Ripe” Popup Tag and the “Discarded” Tag will activate the “Discarded” Tag Button and then the “On-activation” link between the “Discarded” Tag and the Event buttons with the instruction to“Tag and Deactivate”will ensure that the “Banana” Event Button is first tagged with the tag “Discarded” and then it is deactivated.

This will eliminate the need for the operator to click on the “Discarded” button to activate it as well as on the “Banana” button to deactivate the Event ie. in this instance it halves the required operator coding activity.

To display what the functional status of a Link or Links to or from a button are, click on the button, it will be backlit with a purple color, then open the “INSPECTOR”. Click on the “Outbound Action Links” icon to display the “On Activate” and “On Deactivate” actions of the button. Click
on the “Inbound Action Link” icon to display the actions which will result from the inbound activations.




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