Creating and Specifying an Event

Select EVENT from the Toolbar to open/create an Event in the CODA Form. Click on the Event in the CODA Form to identify it. It will become surrounded by re-sizing knobs to indicate that it is selected and then go to the “INSPECTOR” icon on the Toolbar.

You should now name the event and also specify all the CODA Form parameters which the Inspector function describes. Be sure to include the Event Time Tweaks details, to instruct the Sportstec Gamebreaker, SportsCodeTM or StudiocodeTM system what to play when the event is selected for viewing. The Event Button data will be depicted as a Code Row in a SportsCode or Studiocode timeline which will create a movie instance.

In the illustration below the activity is “Grading Fruit on a Conveyor Belt to remove over ripe fruit”

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 1.17.01 pm

The Events created have been named to describe the 3 selection possibilities in this activity.




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