Creating and Specifying a Tag

You create a Tag by selecting the “TAG” icon from the Toolbar or Control Click on a blank part of the Code Form and selecting “Add Tag”. The Tag is specified by using the “Inspector” window in the same way as for Events and Popup Tags.

Tags may be assembled together into Tag Groups. refer to the Inspector page for more information on Tag Groups

When CODA data is exported into either SportsCode or Studiocode, a Tag will be depicted as a label in any or all movie instances created by any or all Event Buttons active at the time the Tag Button is selected. When CODA is exported for Sportstec Gamebreaker, no Tag information will be imported.

In the illustration below, the Tags have been given an elliptical shape as well as a distinctive color. They are outside the Tag Button Mat and so they are independent of the Event but may still be “attached” to it as a further description.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 10.19.06 am




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