Importing an image to the CODA form

Images you wish to import into the CODA Form must be in either pdf, gif or jpeg format. Any image placed in a CODA Form will initially function as an Event button.

If an image has been selected from an external document, place your cursor at a corner of the selected image and key “Command, Control, Shift and 4” and then click on the corner of the image and drag the cursor to the diagonally opposite corner and release the mouse button to capture the image to your desktop as a Screen shot. You may then either click and drag the image from your desktop into the Coding Form and drop it or you may fill an existing button with the image.

If your favored image has been stored in a file in your computer, it may be retrieved to the CODA Form simply by clicking on the file name and dragging it to the Form.

The image may then be positioned anywhere in the CODA Form by clicking on it and dragging it to the desired location. The image may also be re-sized or reshaped in accordance by clicking on a corner and dragging the image to the desired size.

An image filled Event button, created in this way may also be re-configured to a Tag button.




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