Summary Coda Form

Now you have a CODA Form for the hypothetical activity in which you have created 3 Events and filled the Event buttons with the images for each. Each Event button has 3 Popup Tags and 2 Tags. You have grouped the Popup Tags by color, you have named them all to describe their various event descriptors and possible outcomes; and the Tags, (which may be selected at random as non-associated event descriptors,) are differentiated by a distinctive elliptical shape.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.31.30 am

As a starting point for your own activity it would be helpful to you if you were to compile a list of all the primary events, (each of these will become an Event Button,) that may occur during the activity.

Next, for each of these, list the variable descriptions which may arise. Those descriptors which are specific to an event will become Popup Tags, those which are global to the whole activity will become Tags.

In the example above, the primary events possible are the selections from the grading belt of either a banana, a peach or a pineapple. A further possible description specific to each piece of fruit, is that the piece of fruit selected may be unripe, it may be ripe or it may be over ripe. These are the Popup Tags which are linked to each Event. A further consequence description which has been added but would not necessarily be dependent in the event is that the piece of fruit could be replaced on the grading belt or discarded. These 2 consequences are Tags.




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