Button Resizing and Reshaping

To re-size a button click on the button to display the re-sizing knobs. By clicking on a corner knob, you will anchor the button on the diagonally opposite corner and then you are able to drag your selected knob in any direction to change the shape and size of the button.

If you want to change the size of a button, but keep the button dimensions in proportion to the original button, (this is often needed when an image is used as a button,) click on a corner re-sizing knob and then while holding down the “Shift” Key, drag the knob until you have the size you want.

The Slice Tool

The Slice Tool will not be accessible until an eligible button (Event, Popup Tag or Tag) which has an image as a fill is highlighted.


Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 1.33.53 pm

With the button highlighted, click on the Slice Tool icon in the Toolbar. As you move your cursor back to the Coding Form, the cursor will assume the shape of a knife.

Move the cursor to the point on the button where you want the slice to start and click and hold the mouse button down then move the knife in the direction of the slice – a straight red line will be drawn from that point through the button in opposite directions. By moving your cursor tip this line will rotate to indicate where the slice will occur. Move the cursor until you have the line positioned where you want the slice to occur and then release the mouse button. The button will be divided into 2 pieces along the axis of the slice. The buttons will appear as a multiple selection. Deselect the multi-selection and reselect the individual button to assign individual properties. Each piece will be a button with all the properties of the original, but the Appearance Fill of each will be amended to the sliced image.



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