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When you place the cursor arrow over the Colors icon the “Show Color Panel” message will appear. When you click on the button a Color Palette will open which presents a Toolbar range of 5 palette options for selecting colors as illustrated.

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There are 3 function features common to all the 5 palette choices which will assist you in enhancing the coding of your CODA Form. The “magnifying glass” symbol at top left beside the color bar can be used to capture a specific color hue from anywhere. By clicking on the symbol it will become your cursor. Next place this modified cursor over the color you want to use and click on it. The color chosen will be displayed in the color bar and if you have the target button highlighted it will also change to the color choice.

At the bottom of the Color window is a row of boxes. These boxes may be used to store any special or favorite color mixes you have chosen so that they may be recalled at any time. Once a color has been chosen and that color is displayed in the color bar click on the color bar and drag the color to one of the favorites boxes at the bottom of the color window. To recall a color simply click on the color in the favorites box. Click on the small circle under the row of boxes and drag it down to display further boxes if you need them.

Immediately above the line of Color favorites boxes is an Opacity slider. This may be used to vary the opacity of a color selected and displayed in the color bar. The Opacity Slider can also be used to make a button transparent for use in some more advanced coding applications.

You may color buttons in the CODA Form by highlighting the button then click on the “COLORS” Icon and selecting your preferred color palette, then clicking on the color choice.

You may color the text of a button by highlighting the button, double clicking on the button text, then following the instructions in the previous sentence.

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