Event Properties

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Name an Event, Popup Tag or Tag Button

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With the button highlighted, in the “Code Name” panel of the Inspector Properties function, type the caption that will describe the Event and for Popup Tag and Tag buttons, the caption that will describe related actions. In this case “Banana” has been chosen as the description of an Event button for a hypothetical activity of selecting fruit from an assorted fruit basket. You may also name a button by clicking on the button caption and then typing a new caption

Name Register

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If you have a file with a list of names that you want to use as names on events buttons this feature will allow you to import those names.

Event Time Tweaks

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This is a function for Event buttons only. You have complete control over the duration of each event you code. Using the Lead and Lag Times means you can program CODA to automatically add a specific time to the beginning or end of an event marked for the purpose of editing
a video when CODA is linked to a timeline in the Sportstec Gamebreaker, SportsCodeTM or StudiocodeTM application.

1. The purpose of the Lead Time selection box is to set a predetermined period that the replay video clip will start before the timepoint that the event is activated. In the illustration above, the Timeline is marked and the linked video is set to commence 5 seconds before the time the Event button was clicked.

2. The Lag Time selection box has 2 purposes:

(i) When the Lag Time box is not ticked, it will require the coding operator, (when the activity is being coded,) to mark the timeline when the video clip will stop by clicking on the Event button to manually deactivate it. When a Lag Time box is ticked and a time specified, then the Event button will be deactivated automatically, the timeline marked (and the video clip will stop), after the period (in seconds), specified.

(ii) Because the Lag Time will determine how long you have from when the Event button is first activated until the Event button will be automatically deactivated, this has a coding significance. When an Event button is activated any Popup Tag buttons associated with the Event will also become available, but they will only remain available for as long as the Event button is active. ie. The Lag Time specified will be the time limit available to code any Popup Tag description(s) related to the event.

Exclusive Links Cluster

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This is a function exclusive to Event Buttons. The purpose of the “Exclusive Link Cluster” window within the “INSPECTOR” function is to group Event buttons in the CODA Form which will be mutually exclusive in their activation.

For a description of the function of Linking buttons in the CODA Form see the Links page

This will simplify the CODA Form by relieving you of having a large number of link lines cluttering the CODA Form. It will also simplify the coding workload by deactivating any active button in the cluster when another button in the cluster is activated.

If the Pass Last Event Tag box is checked then an Event button that is activated while another member of the Exclusive Link Cluster is still active, the new Event will be activated and marked with the last Event as a Tag and the last Event will be deactivated.


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When the Notes selection is on, the user will be initiated to enter a note every time the event button is tapped. This will be based on the “On Activate” or “On Deactivate” setting chosen in the Inspector window.

If the Notes Check box is not ticked then the notes function is turned off, and no notes will appear. Click on the box to turn the Notes function on.

Hot Key

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 You may choose to attribute a keyboard Hot Key or a combination of keys to any button. This will allow you to use your mouse and/or your keyboard to activate a button while you are coding in a live environment. To provide for this option, click on the Text box from the “Hot Key” panel at the bottom of the Inspector window and then type in your keyboard option preference.

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