Form Appearance

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This function works the same for Event buttons, Popup Tag buttons, Tag buttons, Shape buttons, Text Boxes and the Form background. The “Fill” panel allows you to color the button by clicking on the color box in the Fill panel. The Colors palette will drop down. Click on the button color you want from your preferred palette. The color will change to your selected color in the Button in the Form, the color bar and in the Inspector Fill panel display. If you want to use a color from the color favorites bar at the base of the color palette, drag and drop it either directly to the Event button in the CODA Form; to the Color Bar at the top of the Colors drop down window; or to the color box within the “Fill” panel in the Inspector window. The Gradient option (Event button and Popup Tags only) in the Fill panel provides the ability to fill the button with a color gradient vertically or horizontally.

You may also choose to make your button transparent by selecting no color as your choice.

Grid Visible

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The default settings will show a grid pattern in the background of a CODA form. This grid pattern can be removed by unticking the box.

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