Popup Tags Actions

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By default, for a button which has no links, the “On Activate” and “On Deactivate” actions will be listed in the Outbound Action Links display.

A link may perform multiple actions. Outbound links are links which are initiated by either activating or deactivating a code button. Inbound links will cause an action or actions to be performed at a target or reciving code button as a result of the link stimulus from an initiating source button.

Selecting either of these icons for an object will display the actions that the link will perform in their sequential order from top to bottom. You may change the sequence order for Outbound Links by highlighting the action and dragging and dropping it in your preferred position. Inbound Link action sequence cannot be amended.

Delete a Link Action

To delete a link action, highlight the action and click the “X” symbol alongside it. The entire link will be deleted when all the actions for the link have been deleted.

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