Tag Appearance

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Text Attributes

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The Font properties of the Event button which may be displayed can be adjusted. You can choose to edit font colors, font size, font style, and text positioning.


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The event button text can be moved using the Caption scroll bars. Scroll vertical and horizontal options are available. The default at 0% is the middle of the button that will be the situation irrespective of the size of the button.

If you had previously placed a name in the Event button this name will remain in the button overlaid on the image. To remove the name if the image portrays the event, with the Event button selected, select the “INSPECTOR” icon and deselect the “Caption” box by removing the tick from the box.


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The shape of the button can be adjusted to one of the options available in the dropdown menu. This can be changed at anytime.

You may also choose to use an image as a button. With the button highlighted open the “INSPECTOR” and from the “Shape” panel drop down menu select the “Filled Images” option. Then from the “Fill” panel select “Image”. A File List window will open. Navigate to and select the image you wish to use and double click on it. The image will replace the target button.

If you wish to change an image, highlight the button and from the “Fill” panel select “Choose Image”. Again the File List window will open.

The “Fill” panel in the Inspector window will change when you select this button to show the image and to provide further options for Image button re-sizing.


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This function works the same for Event buttons, Popup Tag buttons, Tag buttons, Shape buttons, Text Boxes and the Form background. The “Fill” panel allows you to color the button by clicking on the color box in the Fill panel. The Colors palette will drop down. Click on the button color you want from your preferred palette. The color will change to your selected color in the Button in the Form, the color bar and in the Inspector Fill panel display. If you want to use a color from the color favorites bar at the base of the color palette, drag and drop it either directly to the Event button in the CODA Form; to the Color Bar at the top of the Colors drop down window; or to the color box within the “Fill” panel in the Inspector window. The Gradient option (Event button and Popup Tags only) in the Fill panel provides the ability to fill the button with a color gradient vertically or horizontally.

You may also choose to make your button transparent by selecting no color as your choice.


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This is an ON / OFF slider to give the object a 3-dimensional effect.


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The Stroke bar manages visibility, color and thickness of the object’s outline.

The “Stroke” panel scribes a border outline around the button. By default the Stroke is the same color as the button background. If you click on the horizontal bar in the Stroke panel you will have 4 border pattern options to choose from. If you click on the colored panel underneath the “Stroke” box, a color chart will appear. Select the color you want the button outline to be, and then click on the numbered size box on the right of the panel to set the width of the outline which will be drawn from the existing outside of the box in.


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This function allows you to vary the position of an object and the size of an object in the CODA Form or within a Container Form very precisely.

If you highlight the target object, the objects position in the Form will be precisely described with reference to the top left hand corner of the object from the top left corner of the Form. These reference values are shown in the “Origin” boxes. The “X” and “Y” are references to the axis of the Form.

The size of the object may be varied by changing the values in the “Size” boxes. These values will vary the “Width” and the “Height”, with reference to the top left of the object. If an object has a shape, then the reference is to the top left of the 8 resizing knobs.

The position of the button may be locked by checking the “Locked” box. This will prevent the button from being moved within the Form no matter what other positioning or repositioning of buttons or combinations of buttons may occur. To turn this function off, re-check the box.

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