Tag Properties

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Tag name

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With the button highlighted, in the “Code Name” panel of the Inspector Properties function, type the caption that will describe the Event and for Popup Tag and Tag buttons, the caption that will describe related actions. In this case “Banana” has been chosen as the description of an Event button for a hypothetical activity of selecting fruit from an assorted fruit basket. You may also name a button by clicking on the button caption and then typing a new caption.

Name register

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If you have a file with a list of names that you want to use as names on events buttons this feature will allow you to import those names.

Tag Group

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The tag group property sets the parent group for the tag. A tag button can only belong to one group, but a group can contain as many tags as required. Using tag groups is recommended as it helps organize and sort tags when using the Matrix, Sorter and Find windows in SportsCode. When using the tag groups, try to avoid using tags that belong to the same group when coding a single event. This can create sorting problems in the Sorter window of SportsCode.

Hot Key

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You may choose to attribute a keyboard Hot Key or a combination of keys to any button. This will allow you to use your mouse and/or your keyboard to activate a button while you are coding in a live environment. To provide for this option, click on the Text box from the “Hot Key” panel at the bottom of the Inspector window and then type in your keyboard option preference.

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