Text Box Appearance

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Text Attributes

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The Font properties of the Text button which may be displayed can be adjusted. You can choose to edit font colors, font size, font style, and text positioning.


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This function allows you to vary the position of an object and the size of an object in the CODA Form or within a Container Form very precisely.

If you highlight the target object, the objects position in the Form will be precisely described with reference to the top left hand corner of the object from the top left corner of the Form. These reference values are shown in the “Origin” boxes. The “X” and “Y” are references to the axis of the Form.

The size of the object may be varied by changing the values in the “Size” boxes. These values will vary the “Width” and the “Height”, with reference to the top left of the object. If an object has a shape, then the reference is to the top left of the 8 resizing knobs.

The position of the button may be locked by checking the “Locked” box. This will prevent the button from being moved within the Form no matter what other positioning or repositioning of buttons or combinations of buttons may occur. To turn this function off, re-check the box.

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