The Design Mode Toolbar

Click on “Design”to select the Design mode for CODA to operate in.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 2.33.36 pm

Clicking of an “EVENT” or “TAG” icon will place a Code Button in the CODA Form. A button in the Form must be “highlighted” before you can assign Properties or Appearance functions or Links to it when you are designing your CODA Form. A “POPUP TAG” cannot be selected unless the Event button to which it will be assigned is highlighted.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.48.01 pm

Click on a button to “highlight” it. It is highlighted when it is backlit with a purple hue and becomes surrounded by eight (8) square re-sizing knobs; one in each corner and one in the middle of each side. You may vary the rounding in the button corners by dragging the purple dot in the top left corner to the left (squares the shape) or to the right. A button can be moved around the CODA Form by clicking on the centre of the button and dragging it to the desired location.

A button may be customized for easy recognition to differentiate it from other buttons in the CODA Form and to set specific system parameters around how this marker will be used when the Event Log is linked to and synchronized with a video timeline.

A button may be named, functional properties attributed to it and the appearance of a button may be manipulated by using the “INSPECTOR” function.

Clicking of a “SHAPE” or “TEXT BOX” Icon will place a shape object in the CODA Form which may contain colours, images or text. These shape objects have no coding function.

Clicking of a “CONTAINER” or “COUNTER” Icon will also place specialist objects on the Coding Form.



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