When you place your cursor arrow over the Event icon the “Add an Event to the Form” message appears. When, (and each time,) you click on this icon an Event button will be placed in a descending vertical sequence on the left hand side of the CODA Form. By default an Event button will be colored blue. This will have a default caption “Event” in the centre of the button. This Event button will be used to mark an event when the Event Log is synchronized to the timeline in a SportsCodeTM / StudiocodeTM video analysis system.

An Event button may also be created by converting an existing Tag Button. This can be achieved by Control (Right) Clicking on the target Tag button, and selecting the “Convert into Event” option. You may also achieve this result by selecting the “Convert into Event option from the Edit Menu in the Main Menu Bar. Be aware that when you convert a Tag button into an Event button, the existing aesthetic properties of the button, (name and appearance,) will be unchanged.

When an activity is being coded, clicking on an Event button will “activate” or “deactivate” the button and at the same time mark the Log. The button may deactivate itself automatically or may be required to be manually deactivated depending upon whether or not the Lag Time function is active. A button may also be automatically “activated” or “deactivated” pursuant to Linking instructions.





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