Popup Tag

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When you place your cursor arrow over the Popup Tag icon the “Add a Popup Tag to the Selected Event” message will appear. This icon will not be available unless an Event button in the CODA Form is selected. A Popup Tag button has a circle symbol in the top left corner of the button.

The purpose of a Popup Tag button is to enable you to code event descriptions for the Event button and, (if you choose,) to describe consequent event results and so on. They may also be tabulated for more focused analysis as part of the analysis reporting that CODA can provide.

When you click on this icon, (with an Event button selected,) a Popup Tag button will be placed within a background panel referred to as a “Popup Tag Mat” which will encompass / include / surround the selected Event button, (and any prior created Popup Tag buttons which have been attributed to that Event button) in the CODA Form. By default a Popup Tag will be colored yellow.



An alternative method is to select the Event button, Control Click and select “Add Popup Tag”. A Popup Tag button can be moved to any location in the CODA Form by clicking on the Popup Tag button and dragging it to the desired location. The Popup Tag Mat which surrounds the Event button and the Popup Tag button(s) will distort to remain linked to its Event button.

Popup Tag buttons are always only attached to one Event button.

The Popup Tag buttons on a Popup Tag Mat in the CODA Form can be hidden and redisplayed by Control Clicking on the Event button and selecting “Hide/ Show Popup Tags” or by clicking on VIEW from the Main Menu and selecting “Hide/Show Popup Tags”.




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