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When you place your cursor arrow over the Tag icon the “Add a Tag to the Form” message will appear. When, (and each time,) you click on this icon a Tag button will be placed in a descending vertical sequence on the left hand side of the CODA Form. A Tag button has a circle symbol in the top left corner of the button. By default a Tag button will be colored yellow. A Tag can be moved to any location in the CODA Form by clicking on the Tag and dragging it to the desired location.

A Tag button may also be created by converting an existing Event Button. This can be achieved by Control Clicking on the target Event button, and selecting the “Convert into Tag” option. You may also achieve this result by selecting the “Convert into Tag option from the Edit Menu in the Main Menu Bar. Be aware that when you convert an Event button into a Tag button, the existing aesthetic properties of the button, (name and appearance,) will be unchanged. Note: You will not be able to perform this function if the Event button has Popup Tags associated with it.
A Tag is initially identified as a yellow oblong button. A Tag is a descriptor which will be attached to an Event marker (or instance when imported into SportsCode or Studiocode). A Tag is global the sense that if it is not attached to any specific Event by a link then it will mark all Events which are active at
the time the Tag is activated.

If a Tag A is linked to another Tag B with the link instruction to “activate and pass tag” then the “global” property for Tag A is automatically disabled and it will activate and tag only Tag B. If a Tag is linked to another Tag with the “Activate and pass tag” instruction, (or in a chain of Tags which terminates in a link to an Event button) or to an Event, then the Tag will pass its descriptor information or mark the Event in accordance with the link instructions.

A Tag may be set up to pass its descriptor to an Event which is not yet active only if the Tag is set up as a source button in an On-activation Link and one of the Link properties is to pass the Tag information forward.




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