What does coding mean?

A category of information in your movie.  When you want to keep a piece of action from a movie for later reference/analysis you code that snippet with a code button.


How does CODA work without video?

Coda doesn’t need to be linked to a video to be useful.  A video can be attached to the timeline at a later period but the data can still be analyzed without any video which could be used for statistical analysis.


How do you link a CODA timeline with video?

After the CODA timeline has been exported, the timeline can be imported to Sportstec Gamebreaker or SportsCode.  For further instructions go to the Exporting your Coded Data section of the manual.


Can you pause a coding session?

No, you can’t pause a coding session.  Once the coding session has been started you can only stop the coding session.


What is the difference between CODA and iCODA?

CODA is used on an Apple Laptop or desktop where  iCODA is used on an Apple iPad or iPhone.


Do you need a Mac to use CODA?

Yes, CODA can only be used on the Apple OS X operating systems, 10.6 and above.  iCoda requires at least iOS 6 to run, and supports the following hardware, iTouch, iPhone, and iPad.


If the game or event has stoppages, how can you make sure the CODA timeline aligns with the video accurately?

Given CODA has no pauses, the video capture can not be paused as well.   After the event is over you can import the timeline and link it to the video.


How do you install CODA?

You can download the CODA app from the Sportstec website.  You then contact your Sportstec representative to help you with the registration process.  Contact details are here.


What if I need support using CODA?

Please email support@sportstec.com if you find any fault or bug in CODA.  If you require individual training with CODA, please contact your CODA distributor.


Can you combine timelines?

Not in CODA itself.  You can use other Sportstec products to combine CODA timelines.  Please contact support for more details.


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