The Main Menu Bar

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CODA has been written so that all the functions required of the application may be accessed from the CODA Toolbar or by right clicking  (Control Click) on menu links.

For the purpose of this manual, the functions of each of the Main Menu Headings in the Main Menu Bar are summarized below.

CODA: With this Heading, the functions are limited to:

  • Registration & deregistration of your CODA licence.
  • CODA version updates.
  • In the “Preferences” sub-heading, you can choose to display a “Start up” window on opening CODA.
  • The remaining functions are system functions.

FILE: The functions are all Apple OS functions.

EDIT: The functions are all Apple OS functions with the exception of “Convert into Button”, and/or “Convert into Event”, and/or “Convert into Tag”. The Reconfiguring an Event or a Tag button page provides some information on this function.

INSERT: The functions listed here may all be performed by clicking on the relevant icon in the CODA Toolbar.

ARRANGE: The functions listed here are described on the page CODA Form Management

VIEW: The first 3 functions may also be performed by clicking on the relevant icon in the CODA Toolbar. The remaining 7 functions may only be performed from this Menu.

DEVICE BOUNDS: The device bounds can be set based on the device that will use the iCODA form.

To set the Device Bound

  1. Go to View on the Main Menu
  2. Navigate to Device Bounds
  3. Select the device that you will sending your CODA form to.

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WINDOW: The functions are all Apple OS functions.

HELP: Contains this manual.




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