Arrange Objects

Every object on the screen has its own Z-position, ie. an order of objects along the Z-axis, which is perpendicular to the screen. Consider each object as a single sheet in a stack.

When the Form is being constructed, by default, the objects are arranged in order from the top of the Form with each new object being added beneath the last one on the Form, but ahead or in front of the former object in the Z-axis.

It may be useful, (in the interests of saving screen real estate), to arrange objects in a stack. Use the Button popup menu, which opens when the button is tapped.

Bring to Front. takes any object from the stack and puts it at the forefront position. Bring Forward swaps the object with the closest object forward of it, if any.

  • Send to Back puts the object to the furthest position rearward.
  • Send Backward swaps the object with the closest object rearward of it, if any.
  • Please note that Z-ordering for Popup tags behaves opposite to that of Event Buttons.


Popup tags always follow their target Event when the Event’s Z-order is changed.

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