Overview Gestures

iCODA employs the following gestures: single tap, slide, double tap, resize. Each of these gestures performs a particular action on the target object.

Single tap

  • The single tap gesture is what you use to select buttons. It is performed by tapping an object once without moving your finger before you release it.
  • In Design mode a single tap is used to select an object allowing you to “arrange” links etc. in Code mode use a single tap to activate/deactivate coding objects.


  • The slide gesture begins by placing your finger on the target object, the finger slides into another location and then is released.
  • Use the slide gesture to move an object on the screen in Design mode or to delete a Form or Timeline in List mode.

Double tap

The double tap is a gesture that consists of two single taps, one after the other. Use double tap to open the Inspector view for an object in Design mode.


  • The resize gesture is performed with two fingers touching the screen when at least one of them slides.
  • Use this gesture to change the bounds of the selected object. The bounds of the selected object will follow the fingers.


An object must not be locked to be moved with slide or resized with the resize gesture.



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