Email a Coding Form

You must have an active email account setup as a pre-requisite of this function. If you have more than 1 email account, the default email account will be used.

To email a Coding Form, in the Forms List tap the Coding Form to select it, then tap the Email button. In the email screen, tap the address line ( To: ) to activate the addressee edit screen. Enter the addressee details either by tapping (+) the symbol to activate your Address Book, or by typing the details from the keyboard , ……….then tap the Send button

When your iCODA designed form is imported by Sportstec Gamebreaker (STGB), all the Event buttons, Shapes and Text boxes will be visible and they will retain all the properties and appearance characteristics which had been ascribed to them. But, Popup Tag and Tag buttons and any links which exist in your Coding Form, will not be present.




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