Remote Activation

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 8.33.09 am The computer hosting the CODA Command Centre and the Mobile Device. must be able to communicate in order to convey the iCODA ID for the Command Centre to input. To link an iCODA license in the Command Centre to a remote device, the device must first send its iCODA ID to the CODA Command Centre, either by email, SMS or other means.

Tap the “clip” graphic of the clipboard to expose a window that provides information about the iCODA software version and also the iCODA ID which is unique to each iCODA device.

To send the iCODA ID to a Command Centre, double tap the iCODA ID to highlight it and to activate the “Copy” tab, then tap “Copy.”

Next close iCODA and open either your SMS message application or email. Select the address of the CODA Command Centre and tap and hold in the text field.

From the options presented select “Paste”.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 8.41.41 amOnce the email has been sent an email confirmation message is displayed.

Once your iCODA application has been linked to the host CODA Command Centre, you should quit the application and relaunch it. This will ensure your device is identifiable in the Command Centre by your device name.






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