How to Use Online Coding

Online Coding is a feature that allows any number of CODA and/or iCODA applications to participate in a synchronized coding session simultaneously and live via the internet. The CODA XML data file which is created from the multiple coding inputs is available to be pulled into SportsCode or Studiocode in real time.

With Online Coding you will “share” a common Timeline in a Coding Session that is hosted on a CODA Server so that multiple coders can input coding of an Event simultaneously. You will be using the Coding Form through which you accessed the Network facility, so be very sure that you have selected the correct form relevant for the Coding Session

  • For the iPhone, iPod and iPad, there must be either a WiFi connection to a local area network or a 3G internet connection for remote connection to the server.
  • At the bottom right of the iCODA Coding screen is a button titled “Online Coding”.
  • When you tap this button, by default, you will be taken directly to the first server available to you in your LAN. If this is the first time you have logged into a CODA server or if the server you connected to last time is unavailable you will be taken to the Servers List screen
  • An upper panel will display the server(s) active in your LAN only. A lower panel will display the server(s) you have recently connected to which are not in your LAN.
  • To connect to another network or computer, tap the “Other . . . . .” name in the panel. The “Other Server” screen will be presented.
  • You must enter the public IP address (or you may choose to enter the server URL or DNS name ) and port number of the computer/server you wish to connect to.
  • Once you have connected to a server, CODA will retain the server name & address and it will be displayed in the “Recent Servers” panel of the Servers List next time you enter this routine.
  • Tap the “Done” button to connect to the nominated server.
  • If, by default, you have been taken to the first available server in your Server List, (which will automatically list all the sessions available at that time on that server), but this is not the server you wish to connect to, tap the “Servers” button at the top left of the screen and you will be returned to the Servers List.
  • Tap the server you wish to connect to. This will take you to the Session List screen which will list the sessions (if any) which are created and are available to participate in. If there are no sessions active / available you may choose to create a new session.

Note: When you select “Online Coding”, iCODA will automatically search its memory for servers which it has previously connected to. Each of these servers which are available will be displayed for you to choose from. If only one server is available, iCODA will bypass the Server List screen and take you immediately to the Session List screen to display the sessions (if any) which are created and available for connection to.



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