Overview Of SportsCode

SportsCode is very user friendly– just follow some simple steps and you’ll be on your way.

Here’s a quick guide how the SportsCode process works for a new movie. You’ll find step by step instructions in the following pages.

  1. Click on the SportsCode icon in the dock or on your desktop. 512
  2. Create a new Code window. This is the window where you begin the analysis process.
  3. Decide which actions in the performance you want to categorize (code) for analysis. Create and name code buttons for all the actions. eg. a player, a move, or each time a goal is scored. Each button will code instances for the actions in the timeline.
  4. Capture the movie and code the information you need using the code window.
  5. You now have the event captured and coded. The movie and the timeline are linked together.
  6. You can now review and analyze the performance. If you want to change the information, add to it or delete from it, it’s easy. SportsCode is completely flexible to fit your needs.


SportsCode – Unlock Potential !


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