Add Capture event to iCal

NOTE: This function is not available for those who are running an operating system of  OS X 10.10.XX

Movies can be captured using iCal events. Follow these steps to set up movie to be captured. This is useful when you are not going to be at your computer when the performance is happening that you want to capture.

Fig 125 Fig 125

iCal Capture

  1. Choose Capture > Add capture event to iCal from the main menu bar to open the iCal Capture window.
  2. In the iCal Capture window, choose a date for the event by clicking on the graphical calendar.
  3. Set the start and end time using the appropriate controls. As a convenience, set the start time and use the slider to set the end time. If a longer end time is required, increase the end time manually.Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 11.11.13 am
  4. Input a name in the File name text box to be used for the captured file.
  5. Press the Add to iCal button in the toolbar.

iCal will launch and a new calendar will be created called SportsCode if one does not already exist. An event will be added to the calendar using the settings from the iCal Capture window.

The event has a specific naming convention that must used.

<capture>”MOVIE NAME”

The movie file name will become the text inside the quotes. For instance, if the file name in the iCal Capture window was “World Champs”, the iCal event will be named, <capture>”World Champs”. The resulting captured file name will be World Champs.SCpkg. If this naming convention is not used, SportsCode will not capture properly. If you want to rename the event, change only the name between the quotes in the iCal event.

The event will trigger SportsCode to open 1 minute prior to the start of the event. Then using the start and end times set in the event of the SportsCode calendar, the capture will start and end.

Note: Simultaneous events cannot be captured at the same time. Also, if using MobileMe synching and mulitple capture computers, be careful not to sync the same calendars to all the machines.

Important Information

  • The capture settings used in the iCal capture set up will be exactly what was used for the last capture process. These settings can be viewed in Preferences.
  • Additional compression settings can be established in preferences and an export process will automatically start during the capture with a second file being created during the capture. That additional SportsCode file will have – extra as part of its name with the file name the same as the main file. Fig 128 below shows how those files will look on a desktop once the capture is completed.Fig 127
Fig 128


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