IMPORTANT : Refer to the Preferences Section of this manual for your preferred settings for this function. It is important that your settings are correctly configured if this function is to deliver optimum results.

We define capture as the process of recording a sequence of images from a video source such as a camera or digital convertor into a file on the internal hard disk of the computer or other storage device. The capture window supports various PCI capture cards, firewire, thunderbolt devices and USB cameras such as a webcam. Warning: The USB port in most hard disk drive or SD card cameras is for file transfer only, it does NOT output a video stream. So, many of these cameras cannot be used for live capture.

Making the Connections

When connecting any video devices for capture, try to visualize the video signal flow. Drawing the signal flow on paper can be very helpful. Start by identifying the source and destination connectors physically on the devices, then map out how they are going to connect to each other, matching video out to video in accordingly.

For instance, if you are sourcing the video from a satellite receiver, you are likely going to be using an analog to digital convertor as a bridge from the source to the capturing computer.

Signal Flow

Satellite Video Out > Convertor Video In > Convertor Firewire Out > Computer Firewire In

So, the signal flow will start at the video out connector of the satellite box, travel to the video in connector on the convertor using a rca cable, then travel to the computer using a firewire cable. Set the convertor settings to analog input if automatic detection is not enabled.

Note: If no capture device is detected by SportsCode an error message “No video device found” will be shown. A capture device could be an isight camera, a Video Camera or a feed from a TV type source.



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