IMPORTANT : Refer to the Preferences Section of this manual for your preferred settings for this function. It is important that your settings are correctly configured if this function is to deliver optimum results.

Instance movies created from Timelines, Movie Organizers and Sorter windows may be labeled with customized Flag labels using global Hotkeys. The purpose of this function is to make the process of identifying specific Instances faster and more convenient. Instances can be quickly categorized, sorted or searched for, then organized for rapid recall and presentation.

User defined Flag names, colors and Hotkeys are set in the Flagging Preferences. When the “Notes” checkbox is selected, a Note window will open to allow you to insert a note into the flagged instance. When the “Organizer” or “Sorter” checkbox is selected and the flag hotkey is pressed, the instance will be inserted into that feature.

When the checkbox in the preferences called “Organizer” and/or “Sorter”is selected and the flag hotkey is pressed, the instance will be:

  •  Inserted at the bottom of frontmost movie organizer and/or Sorter window, similar to pressing OPTION+COMMAND+V for the Movie Organiser when working with timeline instances, orpressing SHIFT+COMMAND+V for the Sorter window when working with timeline instances.
  •  If a movie organizer and/or Sorter window is not open, a new window must be created.
  •  If the instance movie being flagged was generated from a movie organizer and/or Sorter,then a new window will be created on top of the current one to help avoid inserting into its originator.
  •  The movie organizer and/or Sorter row name will be the row name from its originator.
  •  All labels, notes and flags will be carried across to the organizer and/or Sorter including the flagthat engaged the insertion process. If the flag is removed, the instance in the movie organizer and/or Sorter is not removed. A flag label can only exist in an instance once, although an instance may contain more than 1 flag label. When a flag is added, the flag name will appear above the flag image with it’s colour filling the flag image. Other flags in the instance will appear below the flag image in a smaller font within the bounds of the notification.


Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.11.05 am

When a flag is removed the flag image in the middle of the notification has an X through it. When the <clear> flag is used, the text should read “All flags cleared” and no color will fill the flag image with the X.

This feature can be used while presenting movies in full screen and does not require the opening of a Code window.

  1. Open the SportsCode Preferences and click on the Flagging icon.
  2. Tick the Enable Flagging tick box to enable access to the feature.
  3. Press the plus (+) button near the bottom of the panel to add a new flag.
  4. Click on the Name cell to input a name.
  5. Click on the Color cell to set the color.
  6. Click on the Hotkey cell, then press a key down to set a Hotkey.
  7. Check the boxes to select the feature you want the flagging to apply to.

Repeat this process to add as many flags as required.

  1. Open a Timeline, Movie Organizer, or Sorter window.
  2. Make a movie from some selected instances then press the Flag hotkey.

The flag will be inserted into the Instance as a label with a tag <flag> in front of the name. Hover over the Instance in the Timeline to verify insertion or use the Edit Labels window. If a Sorter was used to make the movie, a new row will be created with the flag name inserted in the cell along with the cell background changed to the color chosen in the Preferences.

  1. A Flag may be searched for using the Find function or the Matrix or it can be “sorted by” in the sorter window.
  2. There can be more than one Flag per Instance.
  3. To clear Flags, create a Flag with the name <clear>. Press this Hotkey and all Flags in the Instance will be removed.





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