The Inspector Panel

With Edit mode selected in the toolbar, click on any button to select it. A selected button will be surrounded by 8 resizing knobs. Fig 32Open the Inspector panel by clicking on the Inspector icon in the toolbar or by double clicking on the selected button.:

By default the Inspector panel will open with the Edit properties view open. This panel contains 4 sections :

  • Fig 32aButton Coding Behaviors and Links
  • Fig 32bAppearance and Geometry
  • Fig 32cAlternate Names *
  • Fig 32 dScript

In the Inspector Panel any box or radio button which can be activated or deactivated is referred to as a “property” because such action will change the property of the button.

To speed up the editing process, leave the Inspector Panel open and click on another button in the code window. This saves the previous button properties and switches to the selected button.



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