Matrix Web Page Share

IMPORTANT : Refer to the Preferences Section of this manual for your preferred settings for this function. It is important that your settings are correctly configured if this function is to deliver optimum results.

Fig 90JThe matrix can be shared via the web in 3 ways: Web page, iPhone page, and XML file.Fig 95

Each of these exports the Matrix counts and the video post capture or live during coding and capture. The Web and iPhone exports are designed specifically for immediate web deployment when the header and footer option is enabled. They can be exported directly to a live web server and accessed over an intranet or the internet. These two exports are simple web representations of the coded data, but can be customized with a little knowledge of HTML and CSS web development languages.

If you are looking for a higher level of web site development or integration, then the XML file will be the best option. The XML file export generates a file with all the necessary tags that fully describe the matrix table in a standard XML format. Plus it can automatically export the associate movies with logical names. The XML file includes row and column names and locations, row colors, all cell values and movie path and names. For purposes of this manual, the XML export will not be covered in great detail. For more information, contact a Sportstec representative to learn more about how to best use this option.

Using this option requires strong web development skills to make it work properly, however it is the most powerful and flexible of the web exports.



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