Instance Monitor

The Instance monitor allows you to see the contents of an instance at a glance in a filmstrip style. You can select the number of frames to display as well as the frame size in relation to the original movie.

Use the Instance Monitor

1.  Choose Instance Monitor from the Analysis > Instance Monitor menu in the main menu bar.

2.  This will open the monitor with grey frames because it is not linked to an instance. To display the required frames of an instance, click on the instance that you want to Fig 110Aview, and select the size and the number of frames you wish to display.

3.  To view instances in a row, select the row of interest so all instances are highlighted, position the playhead where you want to start viewing, press CONTROL+TAB key to move from instance to instance. You can move in reverse by pressing SHIFT+CONTROL+TAB.


Fig 110Fig 110


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