Basic editing of Windows

Closing Movie Windows

The most basic movie operation aside from opening a movie is closing one. To close a movie window, press the red button in its window bar. However, a more convenient way to close movies is to use the shortcut, COMMAND+I. This shortcut closes all open instance movies instantly. When analysing instances from the timeline, a lot of instance movies can be open at one time; clicking on the red button to close them all can take awhile. Using this shortcut, makes this a lot quicker. This function can be found under the Windows menu, Close all instance movies.

Movie Window Sizes and Proportions

One of the more basic manipulations of a movie is to change the size. SportsCode changes the size based on halves of the original movie size. The change a movie window size, press “COMMAND+SHIFT+ > “ on the keyboard to increase and “COMMAND+SHIFT+< “to decrease. The same function can be found under the Windows menu. To reset the movie window to its native size, choose Windows > Natural movie size menu item.

Movie proportions can be changed by using the: Movie proportions 16×9, Movie proportions 4×3 and Movie proportions – native. Using these features will either stretch or shrink the movie window according to the movies aspect ratio. It is usually very obvious when these settings should be used. If a movie’s aspect ratio is 16×9 and the movie window is set to 4×3, objects in the movie will appear to be thinner that they naturally might appear to the human eye in real life. If the movie’s aspect ratio is 4×3 and the movie window is set to 16×9, objects will appear wider than they might actually appear in real life.



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