Combining Instance Movies

A simple way to combine instances in a specific order is to use the Combine instance movie feature. This feature creates a new instance movie from all open instance movies in the order that they are layered on the screen.

  1. Open 2 or more instance movies in reverse order for which you want them combined. Create the second instance first, then the first one. This will layer them correctly without having to click on the movie windows to layer them.
  2. Choose Windows > Combine instance movies in main menu bar. A third movie window will open that will have both instances in the movie in the order that they were layered on the screen.

NOTE: To add another instance to the beginning or end of the new combined movie, close the first 2 instance movies used to create the newly combined one. Do not close the newly combined instance movie. Open another instance from the timeline, layer it in front or behind the open combined instance movie, then choose Combine instance movies. If the new instance was in front of the combined one, it will be added to the beginning, if it was behind, it will be added to the end. Repeat this process to assemble a full length movie for presentation.



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