Instance Sequencer

The instance sequencer presents a list of the instances within a row of a movie organizer. The order of instances can be arranged by dragging the rows up or down. Instance labels and duration can also be edited.

Fig 98


Fig 98

Open the instance sequencer for a row by double clicking on the yellow sequencer icon to the left of the row name in the movie organizer.

Play and Edit Instances in the Instance Sequencer

Double clicking on a row will open the edit instance window, the instance can be viewed or edited. To play or edit another row, single click on the row and the edit instance window will update the changes in the last row and move to the new selection. Close the edit instance window by clicking on the red button in upper left corner of the window.

Delete Instances from the Instance Sequencer

Select a row and press the DELETE key.

Editing Labels in the Instance Sequencer

The labels tree popup menu can be accessed by right clicking on a row. The labels in the pop menu that are displayed will only be those labels from the movie organizer row. Open a saved label tree to add new ones or open the timeline and press the labels button.


Fig 98a

Fig 98A



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