Delete a Movie

Movie files are generally quite large, so space on your hard drive must be managed and organized especially if you do not have any external storage.

  1. Drag the movie package to the trash can in the dock.
  2. Make sure Finder is the active by clicking on the desktop.
  3. Select Finder from the main menu bar and choose Empty Trash.
  4. The Finder shortcut to trash a file is COMMAND+DELETE. To empty the trash, the shortcut is SHIFT+COMMAND+DELETE.

When you delete a movie file, we recommend saving the timeline file, so you can link it back to the movie. Timelines are very small data files, often no more than 20KB. It is a common practice to export the video to a dvd or tape for archiving purposes, then recapture the video and match the coded information back to movie. To do this, create a folder, call it Timelines, then open a movie, click on the timeline window and select  File > Save as. Save the file in the Timelines folder. Now, you have your timeline data saved and it can be matched back up to the video at a later date.



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