A flexible network feature, Studiocode Elite remote communications are designed to provide one or more computers the power to control and share information on multiple computers during the capture and coding process. It can start, pause, resume, and end capture on client computers over a local area network or even over the Internet. Along with capture control commands, it can mirror code window button pushes on one computer to another computer, so coded information can be shared in near real time.

Like the timeline share feature, remote communications requires networking configuration. While the communications feature is not nearly as intense on the network, we recommend running this feature over a gigabit Ethernet network. This will insure that the best possible network environment is in place. Wireless networks can be employed, but suffer from drop out and range problems especially in highly populated areas where there are a lot of mobile communication networks and active devices. For purposes of explaining this feature, we will assume the same Ethernet network configuration is in place and connected as described in the setting up the network aspect of the timeline share section of this manual.

Only Studiocode Elite or Studiocode Elite Review can send commands acting as a server. All other Studiocode versions can only execute commands acting as clients.



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